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  2. Widgets. »Calendar Widget. The Calendar Widget is a simple, easy-to-use widget that displays links to your posts by date. It does not let you create a calendar of events or anything similar. If you are interested in adding an event calendar, check out our Google Calendar integration
  3. WordPress calendar widgets are often the output of shortcodes included in calendar plugins. This feature makes it possible to insert calendars in areas of your site other than a post or page, such as a sidebar, header, or footer
  4. panel. But to bring advancement in the calendar design WordPress offers some awesome plugins for users. Using such plugins you can basically add calendar widget in any part of the website weather it's page or posts. These plugins comes with attractive features so that you can do many more things with them. So, let's not wait and check out these plugins
  5. By adding a premium WordPress calendar plugin or WordPress schedule plugin to your website, you can provide your customers and potential customers with important information about your business and even collect payments for bookings. EventOn is one of the many high-quality calendar WordPress widgets and plugins available on CodeCanyon
  6. Das Kalender-Widget wurde optimiert, um in der WordPress-Sidebar gut auszusehen. Calendarize it! for WordPress Obwohl Calendarize it! for WordPress keine kostenlose Version hat, ist das 25-Dollar-Preisschild nichts, worüber man sich aufregen sollte, und das Plugin ist vollgepackt mit einigen flexiblen Werkzeugen zur Anzeige eines Kalenders auf deiner Webseite
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My Calendar is another popular free plugin for adding interactive calendars to WordPress websites. Like the other calendar plugins in this collection, this option adds a new section to your WordPress Dashboard for entering and managing the events in your calendar These WordPress calendar plugins can be minimal, adding a simple calendar to your website. They can display events, highlight a particular event and show the venue for the event. And you can generally insert a calendar in any page, or post or widget area. Or, the plugins can be feature rich allowing you to do many things My Calendar - WordPress Plugin. Das My Calendar Plugin ist ebenfalls kostenlos. Auch mit diesem Plugin kannst du einen interaktiven Kalender zu deiner WordPress Site hinzufügen. Genau wie die anderen Kalender Plugins verfügt auch dieses Plugin über die üblichen Funktionen: Erstellen von Veranstaltungen, erstellen von Tags und Kategorien für Veranstaltungen und wiederkehrende Veranstaltungsorte Mit dem Plugin könnt Ihr mehrere Ereignisse für ein einzelnes Datum hinzufügen, einschließlich Ereignisse aus verschiedenen Kategorien. Es gibt eine Option, den Kalender in einem kleineren Format auf jeder Seite Eurer Website dank der Kalender-Widget-Integration anzuzeigen. Plugin enthält mehrsprachige Unterstützung. Wichtige Funktionen

8 Degree Availability Calendar is a free appointment booking WordPress plugin designed to help businesses manage their appointments on their website. The plugin is extremely flexible and versatile thus, it can be used for any type of business. 8 Degree Availability Calendar plugin shows the available date and book date The plug-in supports individual event calendars within WordPress Multisite, multiple calendars displayed by categories, locations or author, or simple lists of upcoming events. Easy to use for anybody, My Calendar provides enormous flexibility for designers and developers needing a custom calendar Install The Events Calendar from within WordPress. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select 'Add New' Search for Events Calendar Activate The Events Calendar from your Plugins page; You're done! Install The Events Calendar Manually. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins -> Add New WordPress Register kalender Widget. Unser Kalender widget erlaubt es Ihnen, eine Liste der Ereignisse sidebar Ihres Themas hinzuzufügen. Sie können andere Schablonen schaffen, um all Ihre Ereignisse auf eine saubere und professionelle Weise zu zeigen. Unser WordPress schreibt sich ein, Plugin läßt Ihnen Aufnahmekontrolle davon, wie all Ihre Ereignisse in den sidebar widget gezeigt werden. WordPress event calendar plugin is the best tool used for managing events websites

Der kostenlose All-in-One Event Calendar von Timely ist eine schöne Art, deine Veranstaltungen in WordPress aufzulisten und sie leicht mit dem Rest der Welt zu teilen. Unser Veranstaltungskalender lässt sich leicht verwalten Mit dem WordPress Plugin Calendar könnt ihr ganz einfach alle Events auf eurer Seite oder in einem eurer Posts übersichtlich geordnet präsentieren. Wir haben das Plugin für euch getestet My Calendar is another free and powerful event management solution for WordPress. It supports multiple calendars, event groups, categories, and locations. It also comes with a shortcode generator and widgets, so you can easily add calendars to your posts, pages, or sidebars. This is a highly configurable plugin with an extensive settings page Sehr hilfreich, wenn ihr auf eurer Website Veranstaltungen hervorheben und darauf aufmerksam machen wollt, ist ein Kalender-Plugin. Anfang dieses Jahres haben wir schon über das WordPress Plugin Calendar berichtet.Wir stellen euch heute aber drei weitere Kalender-Plugins vor, die mehrere Events gleichzeitig und übersichtlich anzeigen und außerdem viele Features bieten - WordPress Calendar Plugin Calendarize it! is a premium WordPress Calendar plugin from CodeCanyon with 11,446 sales (till Jan -2020). It has jaw dropping user interface and is easily one of the best calendar plugins available in the market for WordPress website

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  1. WordPress calendar plugins are an incredibly useful asset for any business website, especially those that organize events of any kind. Bars, restaurants, clubs, concert halls, theaters, cultural centers, hotels, conference halls, arenaspretty much any establishment in the hospitality and entertainment industry can benefit greatly from a good calendar on their site
  2. This tutorial teachesyou how to add an event calendar widget on your wordpress to display the events registered by you. Don't forget to check out our site ht..
  3. g events) Events Locations - Displays a list of event locations (e.g. locations with upco
  4. The Events Calendar from Modern Tribe has a free and a premium option and is one of the most popular events plugins for WordPress. It uses a calendar view to showcase events. It defaults to a month view but can be customized to show daily and weekly too. Customization is a key strength of The Events Calendar. The plugin is fairly plain but provides the foundation from which you can build.

13 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for Events & More (2021

  1. g pursuits by means of a widget or a shortcode. Every plugin supplies another set of choices, however, the core performance is typically the same. These are the best free event calendar plugins to be had for WordPress. The plugin might be used to create and manipulate small to colossal scale events.
  2. Alternatively, you can purchase addons specifically for the All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress plugin. Extended Views is free to download, and will display views on your calendar. Ticketing can be integrated for $59 a year, auto-Tweeting costs $29 a year, and front-end submissions costs $59 a year. Embedding your core calendar into other websites costs $59 a year, CSV Import costs $29 a year.
  3. The plugin itself comes with several different calendar themes.Theme options can be found in the Style Editor settings. We have used the twentyeighteen.css style.. The My Calendar page can be treated like any other page in your backend. You can add other content to it as well - it doesn't have to be just the calendar. What's important to note here is that we have a calendar shortcode
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  5. One of those widgets is a Calendar widget, which lets you display content from any post type on a simple calendar layout. If you're looking for a WordPress event calendar plugin that has tight integration with Elementor, your three best options are Modern Events Calendar, WP Event Manager, or the Elementor Extras Calendar Widget. Of the three, Modern Events Calendar offers the deepest.

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After installing the My Calendar plugin, you will notice Calendar among your widgets as a new addition to the ones you're already using. It's often a good idea to place the calendar in the sidebar or the footer of your WordPress website Du willst Termine aus einem Google-Kalender oder einem anderen iCal-Kalender in WordPress einbinden? Mit dem Plugin iCal Events Lists ist das unkompliziert und mit individuellem Design möglich. Um einen Terminkalender und Event-Übersichten in WordPress zu erstellen, gibt es zahllose Plugins Here we have 9+ Best Free WordPress Post Widget Plugins. WordPress permits you to simply customize your website layout through widgets. Their area unit several WordPress plugins and themes that permit you to feature totally different quite widgets comparable to fashionable posts, calendar, email subscribe, etc. during this article, we've handpicked nine best WordPress Post widgets for your.

First, in the interests of full disclosure, not going to pretend I have any direct experience with adding an Outlook based calendar plugin to my wordpress site. On the following blog is a listing of the top 11 WP calendar plugins (in the that author's view) - where several include filtering options which from your description sounds like what you're looking for and may be worth investigating One of the addition (or actually, re-activation) is the availabilit of image-based islamic calendar widgets for free WordPress blogs. The widgets will also work in other blogs that restrict the use of flash-based widgets. You can visit the widgets here and get the code to put on your WordPress blogs. Hope you find this useful WordPress Kalender Plugin. Unser WordPress Kalender Plugin erlaubt es Ihnen, Ihre Ereignisse durch WordPress Admin-Verbindungsfläche online leicht zu schaffen und zu leiten. Erlauben Sie es Besuchern, sich einzuschreiben und Bezahlung online für Ereignisse, werden Sie mit Teilnehmern fertig, schaffen Sie Preisnachlasscoupons, Exportteilnehmer. Use widget() to define the appearance of the widget on the front-end. Add form() to configure how the widget will look. Don't forget to add update() to refresh the widget every time you modify it. Register the new WordPress custom widget using add_action() function. Copy and paste the entire code to the bottom of functions.php file and click Update File. Go to the Widgets menu and move the widget to the desired place

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  1. Each widget can be connected to a separate calendar DigiCal has the ability to create multiple widgets with each one displaying a chosen calendar. It allows for a widget on screen for work events, another widget for family activities, and a third for favorite sport team's schedules
  2. WordPress ha percorso una lunga strada dal quel primo widget calendario predefinito. Si può vedere da questo elenco che WordPress è evoluto in uno strumento web-based che può essere usato giorno dentro e giorno fuori per tutti i tipi di organizzazioni
  3. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section Click Add New and then type Simple Calendar in the search box There you'll see the Simple Calendar - Google Calendar Plugin. Click Install Now and wait a few moments until it finishe

Calendar widget # Calendar widget. Displays a Calendar. <?php the_widget( 'WP_Widget_Calendar', $instance, $args ); ?> widget's classname: widget_calendar; instance: title The title of calendar. Default: Top ↑ Example # Example. Default usage: <?php the_widget( 'WP_Widget_Calendar' ); ?> Top ↑ Categories widget # Categories widget The availability calendar template can be inserted with or without a booking form. You can display them in a post, page or widget. That means you can attach a calendar with a booking form to the already existing room or service that you've built with any WordPress theme or page builder

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WordPress Widgets sind Bausteine, mit deren Hilfe man die Sidebar und andere Bereiche, wie Header, Footer oder Seiteninhalte eines WordPress Themes individualisieren kann. Typische Widgets sind ein Menü, ein Kalender oder eine Tag-Wolke. Die einzige Voraussetzung ist, dass das WordPress Theme Widget-fähig ist The simple aspect of this WordPress Calendar widget also applies to the settings that the plugin provides for us to make any changes to the events. Minimal and simplistic, you can set the event from your phone app as well. But if you prefer managing events from your computer itself then, this is also not a problem. You can even customise the appearance of how the event box will look on your. Booking Calendar is a booking plugin developed by Wp Dev Art, the developers of a large collection of WordPress plugins. These include WpDevArt Facebook Comments, Countdown Timer - Widget Countdown, and Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode. This is a great plugin for businesses who only need customers to book appointments or reservations with the business, not specific employees

WordPress Calendar can be used as a widget as well; Separate widget for upcoming events; Fully customizable widgets; 1-click description available for the selected day; Display repeated events (weekly, monthly and yearly) Month display format in the Spider Event Calendar; Displaying from one to four views (month, list, week, and day) Setting one of the view options as a default one; Option to. The Events Calendar widget creates a mini-grid calendar in your sidebar. Days with events are darker and show a dot. The current month is clearly labeled in the widget's header. Readers can view events in the future or past months using the AJAX navigation at the top of the calendar WordPress installation by default comes with few widgets which can be seen under Appearance > Widgets section.Categories is one of the default widgets used to display the categories generally on the sidebar.In this article let us explore more on how to customize WordPress categories widget By the numbers, The Events Calendar is the most popular WordPress event calendar plugin in existence. It's active on over 800,000 WordPress sites, according to WordPress.org with a 4.4-star rating on almost 1,700 reviews. The core free version lets you create separate events complete with the venue and organizer information

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A lot of time when you install a theme or when you design a theme, you almost forget about the WordPress calendar widget. There are many premium themes in the market which do not care about this widget simply because it is one of the lesser used functionality. So if you were thinking about having a calendar widget but your designer did not appreciate in creating extra CSS for the calendar WordPressのアーカイブを見やすくするために便利なのがカレンダーです。カレンダーを使えば月のどの日に投稿したのかなども詳しく分かります。ここではそのような便利なカレンダーを表示するための「Archives Calendar Widget」というプラグインの導入や使い方を紹介します Once you have added the CSS above to your WordPress theme, the calendar widget should look like the following image. If it doesn't it's possible your theme already has some styles built-in for tables or the widget itself which is overriding your newly added CSS. Of course this is a very simple style widget but it's always easier to start with a simple style and go from there. Plus, who. Next, log into your WordPress website and navigate to the Post or Page you wish to embed your Google Calendar. It is worth mentioning that you can also embed your Google Calendar into widget sections if you wish. Navigate to the Text tab in the WordPress editor and paste your calendar's embed code

Introducing the Events Calendar plugin Events Calendar offers a simple and robust option to add an events calendar to WordPress. It enables you to choose between different types of calendars, set up specific venues, and even specify prices The widget calendar (both as a shortcode and wdiget) is given the class widget_calendar which is the class given to the WordPress' calendar widget, and so should, by default, be styled similarly. To distinguish it, it is also given the class eo-calendar-shortcode or eo-calendar-widget The best WordPress event calendar plugins include a variety of handy tools that allow you to pin a date in the calendar, add details and provide users with the opportunity to enroll, etc. Event calendars can be used to organize both small and large events, concerts, parties, and official gatherings, etc Description # Description. The calendar is cached, which will be retrieved, if it exists. If there are no posts for the month, then it will not be displayed Whatever the case is, you will need a reliable event calendar WordPress plugin for your website. The plugin could be used to create and manage small to large scale events like workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, concerts, parties, get-together etc. Like any other type of plugins, there are lots of WordPress event calendar plugins available. If you haven't used any such plugin, it.

We hope this article helped you discover the best WordPress calendar plugins. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like our list of the 12 best social media plugins for WordPress. Facebook Tweet LinkedIn Pin Shares 0. Comments Leave a Reply. Doug Franklin October 17, 2019 at 7:02 pm. I'm not having luck with the Simple Calendar Free Version. Reply. Add a Comment Cancel reply. We're glad. The events widget lets your customers know when, where, how, and what time your next event will be held. Thankfully, Timetable doesn't confine you to creating time blocked schedules and events. It also offers booking functionality. So you can book and fill your events accordingly. Once you've downloaded the plugin, you can add a new event to your calendar, name it, adjust its settings. Ciao @tara87,. per gestire eventi e calendari in WordPress esistono molti plugin. Uno dei più utilizzati è The Events Calendar.. Un altro plugin molto utilizzato, ma in modo specifico per gli eventi sportivi, è SportsPress.. Per quanto riguarda, poi, la visualizzazione degli eventi il modo più semplice è utilizzare un widget in una delle aree widget presenti nel tema

Event Organiser is another free WordPress event calendar plugin that's listed at WordPress.org. Like the two previous plugins, its free version allows you to create both one-time and recurring events. And you can also create specific locations/venues to associate with multiple events. To display your events, Event Organiser hooks you up with a variety of shortcodes and widgets. The Add New. A best collection of free HTML5 & CSS3 Calendar widgets templates for your mobile or web project design. All items built with html5 and Css3 technologies so easy to customize for your own purpose.. Through 7 Best Free HTML5 CSS3 Calendar Widgets collection and take a look at any plugins which pique your curiosity Widgets are powerful tools that demonstrate content everywhere they're supported in your theme; the best part of this WordPress Event Calendar (MEC) Widget is that it is supported everywhere in your theme. PayPal Integration. MEC has an advanced booking system which enables you to add payment gateways. PayPal gateways for business account and PayPal credit are the two options that are set. The Events Calendar: There are so many options available for WordPress calendar widgets and it is very difficult to choose just one. To make this selection simple, we have picked this one for you. With this, you can easily manage the event listings on your website

What makes Calendarize it one of the best WordPress calendars on the market is that it's a great option for users who need an event calendar which is lightweight and easy to configure, as well as users who need loads of advanced features and functions. User NZCN says of the WordPress calendar widget: Calendarize.it is a flexible plugin with outstanding response from their support desk. We. Step 0. The Idea. I follow the blog 365PSD, a really neat site that offers a free PSD—usually a little piece of UI—each day.For Day 81, there was really neat calendar widget.I figured it wouldn't be too hard to build the real thing, so I'll be showing you how to do that today Luckily, you can use The Events Calendar Shortcode & Block plugin to customize events you've created with The Events Calendar plugin, including adding an upcoming events widget to WordPress. In this post we'll dive into how a WordPress events plugin can benefit your site, plus show you how to create a WordPress upcoming events widget and insert upcoming events into other content areas

Get 102 WordPress calendar plugins. All from our global community of web developers. Envato Market. Forums; Start Selling Tags: appointment, booking, booking system, booking widget, hotel booking, online booking, rental booking plugin, seat reservation plugin, taxi booking plugin wordpress, woocommerce booking , woocommerce booking restaurant, wordpress book a table plugin, wordpress. The Calendar widget for Elementor has tons of settings. Choose the first day of the week, the earliest and latest months to display, disable adjacent days or enable navigating to previous and next months by clicking on them. You can also customise the labels for the days of the week. Conference . Under the hood. Sneak peek. Here is a glimpse of the advanced controls we bring to Elementor. See. Step 3: Add the Max Mega Menu widget to a sidebar. Under Appearance > Widgets, drag the Max Mega Menu widget (not the Navigation Menu widget) to a sidebar and select the new menu location. The menu will now be displayed in your sidebar. You can repeat the same steps to create and display multiple Mega Menus on your site If you're not currently using Simply Schedule Appointments but are looking to add our awesome Elementor booking widgets to your website, just sign up for our any of our editions (the booking widgets are included with all of them). To learn even more about our Elementor booking widgets head over to our official Elementor Booking Widgets page

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When you create a calendar, you're provided a shortcode from the plugin. This snippet of code can be placed anywhere in WordPress where you can type text, whether it's in a post or in a sidebar widget. Integrated Widget. Simple Calendar comes with its own widget that can be placed in various locations on your website. Go to Appearance and. Tockify provides a Wordpress plugin to make it easy to add your calendar to a Wordpress website. To install it start by logging in to your site's Wordpress admin panel. The plugin is in the Wordpress plugin directory and can be installed directly from there as described below or, if you prefer, you ca

The Calendar Widget Widget A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. You can add these widgets in sidebars also known as widget-ready areas on your web page. WordPress widgets were originally created to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structure control of the WordPress theme to the user One of the most confusing widgets for new WordPress users is the core Calendar widget. It has been a core widget since WordPress version 2.8.0. This is what the widget looks like when you add it to a widgetized area (sidebar): Why is this widget confusing? To most people outside of the WordPress community a calendar is usually associated with a type of events calendar. In WordPress however it. Calendar widget has been optimized to look great in the WordPress sidebar. 4. Calendarize it! for WordPress. Although Calendarize it! for WordPress doesn't have a free version, the $25 price tag isn't anything to get worked up about, and the plugin is packed with some flexible tools for displaying a calendar on your site. An interesting advantage to this WordPress calendar plugin is its compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). This combination eases the pain. Booking Calendar is a booking plugin developed by Wp Dev Art, the developers of a large collection of WordPress plugins. These include WpDevArt Facebook Comments, Countdown Timer - Widget Countdown, and Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Calendar Widget Areas The Events Calendar does not have drag-and-drop or page builder type functionality, but this extension creates a useful variety of WordPress widget areas (a.k.a. sidebars) in strategic locations on the Events Archive views and on the Single Events page Show off your calendars in month, week, day or list views. Color code events and customize the design to your liking So we create three functions within our CALENDAR function; one will initialize the calendar widget, the second will move between months, and the third will actually create the calendar grid; notice that line after it: createCal.cache = {}; we'll discuss that too Eine Eigenschaft des Content-Management-Systems WordPress ist die Möglichkeit, Widgets in die Sidebar eines Themes einbauen zu können. Widgets sind Blöcke mit festgelegten Inhalten, beispielsweise ein Kalender, eine Beitragsliste, eine Kategorienliste, eine Schlagwort-Wolke oder ein Suchformular. Damit bieten Sie den Besuchern Ihrer Website.

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A calendar widget template is a superfine place to enter your event schedule Gigs Calendar: a WordPress calendar designed for musicians and artists. Lets them display their upcoming events on WordPress. Editorial Calendar: gives you an easy way to manage your blog posts and shows you when each post will be available. You can move posts around and edit posts in your calendar With the free ICS Calendar plugin for WordPress, you can embed any iCalendar-compatible feed (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Interactive sidebar widget view: No: Yes: Year-at-a-glance view: No: Yes: Shortcode-based setup: Yes: Yes: Classic Editor Add ICS Calendar button setup: Yes: Yes: Visual calendar configuration tool : No: Yes: CSS-based appearance modification: Yes: Yes. First, in the interests of full disclosure, not going to pretend I have any direct experience with adding an Outlook based calendar plugin to my wordpress site. On the following blog is a listing of the top 11 WP calendar plugins (in the that author's view) - where several include filtering options which from your description sounds like what you're looking for and may be worth investigating

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DigiCal+, Month, and Calendar Widget are probably your best bets out of the 6 options considered. Each widget can be connected to a separate calendar is the primary reason people pick DigiCal+ over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision jquery - pro - wordpress calendar widget . Wie triggern Sie Autocomplete Select-Ereignis manuell in jQueryUI? (6) Ich benutze jQueryUI Autocomplete, und ich habe eine Funktion, die dem select-Ereignis zugeordnet ist, zB: $(#someId).autocomplete({ source: someData, select: function (event, ui) { }, focus: function (event, ui) { } }); Ich habe einen Sonderfall: Der Benutzer hat sich.

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wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-calendar.php: WP_Widget_Calendar::widget() Outputs the content for the current Calendar widget instance Create various calendar types with our super easy and fun to use shortcode generator build right into WordPress as part of gutenberg blocks. Pluggable Functions for Developers. Most aspects of EventON gets run through pluggable filters, so developers can easily hook into them to create or alter dynamic features. Learn More. Exciting Features of EventON. Set Custom Colors. You can set custom.

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Additionally to shortcodes and attaching calendars to content, Simple Calendar comes bundled with a widget that allows you to display a calendar in WordPress widget areas. To use this feature, your WordPress theme must support at least one widget area. If you are unsure about how widgets work, read more on WordPress widgets first. 1 To add a [ Responsive jQuery calendar is a small website widget. It displays month view with highlighted days in which some evens occur. It provides minimal required functionality while maintaining maximum flexibility and extendibility

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The My Calendar plugin lets you events on a calendar in a number of different ways. You can show them by daily, weekly, or monthly views. You can show both future and past events. You can also show recurring events add_action ( 'widgets_init', 'be_register_calendar_widget'); /** * Register Calendar Widget * */ function be_register_calendar_widget {register_widget ('BE_Events_Calendar_Widget');} view raw widget-events-calendar.php hosted with by GitHub. Facebook Tweet Pin LinkedIn. events widget. Bill Erickson. Bill Erickson is a freelance WordPress developer and a contributing developer to the Genesis. Economic Calendar Widget shows key upcoming economic events, announcements and news. You can set up relevant economic calendar filters in a few clicks, selecting event importance and affected currencies. Settings. Set Default Countries. Only high importance. Color Theme. Transparent background Size. Don't let your users forget an appointment! They can now add an event to their calendar just in a click. With the Button Calendar widget, you can export all event data to: Google Calendar; Apple Calendar; Outlook. and many more

Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen Add-on ist ein Wordpress-Event-Kalender-Tool verwendet, um die Liste der anstehenden Ereignisse in einem Widget angezeigt werden soll. Sie können Ereignisse in einem Zeitraum wählen WordPress Pro Event Calendar The Pro Event Calendar plugin adds a professional and sleek calendar to your posts or pages. It's 100% responsive, and you can also use it inside a widget. Price: $2 Buy Eventica - Event Calendar & Ecommerce WordPress Theme by tokopress on ThemeForest. About Eventica Eventica is Event Calendar and eCommerce WordPress Theme. Ready to use for events listing and online.

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